Samsø: What's not to love?

I have fallen in love with a little island in the middle of Denmark. It all started when we at Synergy were looking for children's books about energy for our September/October Connect issue, Energy: Solutions in Sustainable Power. We found Allan Drummond's book, Energy Island, which tells the story of Samsø Island going completely off-grid, or becoming energy independent, in only ten years.

I have fallen in love with Søren Hermansen, a grammar school teacher who led the way. His vision and persistence persuaded islanders to forgo their reliance on fossil fuels, which had to be shipped to the island, and their dependence on electricity that ran from the mainland via undersea cable. When the whole project began he was a teacher, and now he is the director of the Energi Akademie and hosts visitors and students from around the globe. If you have the time, I urge you to watch this charming presentation from the College of the Atlantic. It's 78 minutes long, but there is a lot to be learned.

I have fallen in love with knowing that energy efficiency, conservation, and sustainability really can exist. Thank you, people of Samsø!

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