Listed here are many of our favorite organizations, resources and suppliers. Many others can be found in the pages of Connect, in relation to specific articles and topics. But we do not know it all! Would you contribute an institution or company that you particularly value? E-mail us with your suggestion!


AAAS, American Association for the Advancement of Science,

ASCD, (formerly known as) Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,

ASTC, Association of Science and Technology Centers, Find science and technology centers and museums worldwide from the Exploratorium (San Francisco), to the Franklin Institute (Philadelphia), and the new Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (China). Many of these centers provide activities on their websites and additional lists of web resources

NCTM, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics,

NSDC, National Staff Development Council, (now renamed Learning Forward)

NSTA, National Science Teachers Association,


NASA, National Aeronautical Space Administration,

National Ocean Service,

National Park Service,

National Weather Service,

Smithsonian Institution,

US Census Bureau,

World Meteorological Organization, International weather, climate, and water,


Children & Nature Network, Building a movement to reconnect children and nature,

For Spacious Skies, A site that encourages children to become aware of and look up at the sky,

Kids Gardening (part of National Gardening Association), Gardening as a vehicle for encouraging children to make good food choices, augmenting classroom studies with experiential learning, building a love of nature, stimulating social interaction, facilitating cultural exchange, and more,

REAL School Gardens, REAL School Gardens is a grassroots gardening program that helps children by supporting elementary school communities as they design, install, and sustain outdoor classrooms (gardens),

Roots and Shoots, Dr Jane Goodall’s program that involves youth with service learning and global issues,

World Wide Waldens, Empowers youth around the globe to find their Walden—a place in need of care and protection—in their own community,


Arbor Scientific, Physical science, often listed for high school, but with many items of interest in elementary and middle schools, 800-367-6695,

Carolina, Extensive resources in both science and math, 800-334-5551,

Connecticut Valley Biological, Life science, specimens, 800-628-7748,

Delta Education, K-8 math and science, 800-442-5444,

Didax, Math and language arts, 800-458-0024,

Edmund Scientific, Physical science, 800-728-6999,

ETA/Cuisenaire, K-12 science and math, including well-known Cuisenaire materials, 800-445-5985,

Forestry Suppliers, Both simple and sophisticated tools for fieldwork, K-12; excellent catalog goes far beyond traditional forestry, 800-360-7788,

Kelvin, Physical science and design technology, 800-535-8469 (Canada 888-953-5846),

LEGO Education, LEGO resources, 800-838-9647,

Nasco, Large math and science selection, 800-558-9595

Nature-Watch, Educational nature products and craft activity kits, 800-228-5816,

Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories, Science, math, and custom science kits, 800-828-7777,

The Math Learning Center, Math curriculum, programs, resources, and manipulatives, 800-575-8130,

The Science Source, Physical science, design technology tools and supplies, 800-299-5469,

Triarch, Slides and microscopes, including Swift stereo microscopes at excellent prices, 800-848-0810,



GEMS, Great Explorations in Math and Science,

Math Solutions,


Teachers College Press,