We design professional development experiences for specific situations – and we do that with you, the schools and educators wishing to pursue a specific set of goals.

Our on-site workshops and short courses are designed for groups of educators in the areas of science, math, technology-at-work and integrated curriculum. The sessions engage teachers in activities and discussions around a specific theme or area of the targeted curriculum. The purpose is to share both skills and information on a subject, new techniques or teaching methods, and provide for transferability of this information to the classroom/school. Designing the sessions is a collaborative process of meeting the needs of the educators and sharing our expertise.

We focus on several components:

• multiple sessions;
• opportunity to test new ideas in classrooms;
• time for feedback and discussion with colleagues;
• exploration of national and state standards
(both for the requirements they present and the opportunities they raise);
• attention to assessment;
• follow-up after the formal sessions are over.

We do not offer one-time workshops since there is a great deal of research that documents that these have minimal value.

Find out more about our process and read about some examples, both from our point of view and others.

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